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Vtest KS-06 soil Ph tester and Moisture meter

RM 298.00

KS-06 is our NEWEST soil pH & moisture tester, It is an ESSENTIAL DEVICE, designed to accurately CHECK the ACIDITY and ALKALINITY (pH level) and moisture of the soil. With longer and slender metal electrode which measures 295mm in length to measure the pH level even beyond the root zone.

- Ensures durability for long and trouble-free life;
- Approved by strict quality and safety standards;
- Measures the pH and moisture value of different kinds of soil

pH Range: 3–8 pH
Moisture: 1–8
Accuracy: ±0.2 pH
(suitable for agricultural field and classroom experiments)
Operating Temp: 5–50°C (41–122°F)
Calibration: Remove the oxidation from metal rings by light polishing

Delivery Lead Time 4 - 8 weeks