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Waterra D-16 Foot Valve – Standard Flow

RM 85.00

The Waterra D-16 Foot Valve is made of acetal thermoplastic (Delrin) and has a 5/8 inch OD (16 mm). It threads into Waterra Standard Flow Tubing.

A Waterra D-16 Foot Valve threads into Standard Flow Tubing for sampling narrow diameter piezometers.

The D-16 Foot Valve is best used for narrow diameter wells as the Outside Diameter of the Valve is 16 mm (5/8 inch). It would fit nicely in a 1 inch ID well for instance.  A stainless steel alternative is the SS-16 Foot Valve which also threads into the ID of the tubing.

For 2 inch wells we would normally recommend a D-25 Foot Valve.

The Standard System with a D-16 Foot Valve can provide lifts of 150 feet(45 m). Flow rates can be as much as 1 gallon per minute (4.5 lpm).