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Waterra ECO Plug-4 4'' Lockable Well Plugs Non Vented

RM 128.00

The center-locking mechanism allows a lock to be secured in a variety of positions offering more flexibility in applications with these limited space, tamper-proof lockable well plugs.

Size Options From 1 to 6 inches
This ecoPLUG™ Well Plug is available for 1, 2 and 4 inch monitoring wells.

The Koby Environmental Well Plugs are available for 1.5, 3 and 6 inch monitoring wells.

The ecoPLUG™ brand are lockable well plugs for monitoring wells manufactured from polypropylene that will not corrode. The superior materials used in the manufacturing of this product will withstand repeated use (and abuse) over many years.

Koby Environmental Well Plugs are manufactured from an engineering grade polymer blend commonly used to replace steel gears in industry, resistant to most chemicals, unaffected by freezing or high temperatures.

High-tech liquid tight seamless dual rubber gasket.

These Well Plugs have large sealing gaskets. This makes for superior well security due to the large surface area contact between its watertight rubber gasket and the well inner wall casing

chemical and temperature resistant properties
tethering attachment at base for a variety of instruments
wing nut design with recessed grip allows easy manipulation
high visibility safety colour
no metal parts