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Weather monitoring is the systematic observation and measurement of atmospheric variables to analyse and forecast present and future weather trends. It entails the use of a variety of equipment and technology, including weather stations, satellites, radar systems, and sensors, to collect data on temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, air pressure, and precipitation. This data is then analysed to provide weather forecasts, monitor climate trends, and give useful information for a variety of applications such as agriculture, aviation, emergency management, and environmental research. Continuous monitoring of weather conditions increases our understanding of the Earth's atmosphere as well as our capacity to predict and respond to changes in weather patterns.

Remote Weather Monitoring Kit included: 1) Gateway - SenseCAP Sensor Hub 4G Data Logger 2) Sensors - SenseCAP ONE S700 7-in-1 Compact Weather Sensor 3) Solar Panel - High-efficiency Waterproof PV-12W Solar Panel

The product offers high reliability, stability, 4G remote monitoring, IP66 certified parts, rapid installation and deployment, flexible cloud services with open API for development, and a solar panel for off-grid applications. The Remote Weather Monitoring Kit is a comprehensive environmental and meteorological monitoring solution that accurately monitors local weather conditions and provides updates on various environmental parameters such as air temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, rainfall, windspeed, direction, and light intensity. Its sensors can be connected to the Sensor Hub via an Aviation Connector, and its solar panel and built-in battery enable its use in remote areas without power grid access.