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*Ready Stock* Humidifier with Human Sensing Industrial Air Ultrasonic Air Cooler for hot weather 100cm extension tube

RM 998.00

Customers will get 2 types of tube and 6 Liter free HOCL solution when they purchase this Fogging machine, picture shown above.

Local ready stock with local support 24/7, we provide the best service to our customers!

Human sensing function which makes the machine function when there is movement, efficient and power saving!

Powerful fogging humidifier function which makes this product suitable to be used at large factories and office! Top filling allows users to fill up the water easily without any hassle!

JS862 (22L) - Smart Version - Ultrasonic Atomizer Disinfectant Fogging Machine with Human Sensing and 100cm Grid Extension Tube
Top filling
Capacity: 22L
Power: 200 w
Max output fog: 3500 ml/h
Product Size (mm): 481*430*1035

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